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Hauling a formeman 500 in a tundra double cab?

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Anyone here haul their 500 in a tundra double cab? If so how bout a tundra double cab with a tool box. The trailer thing is gettting old and was wondering if it would fit with the gate down. Any pictures would be even more appreciated!
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I have a tundra 4 door and my foreman 500 will fit in with my toolbox in with the gate down.......with stock tires i could fit it completly without the toolbox in but not now that i have changed tires
Does it just barely fit? With the stock tires and no toolbox, will the foreman fit with out hitting the rear window? How long of a ramp do you use? The truck is new to me and I will wait till I get a tool box to try it. I would like to do away with the trailer.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I have a 2000 tundra access cab, not the double cab. with my toolbox in my 500 barely fits with the tailgate down with about 2 inches to spare. Although i still cant close the tailgate with the toolbox out. maybe with stock tires you could.
I have a 2005 Toyota Tundra Double cab, and I can get my Foreman in only with the tailgate down. I am not sure how it would work with your toolbox, I do not have one. However, I can tell you I typically put a motorcycle tire between the front bumper and the front of the bed, push it tight and strap it down. When I do that, the stock wheels typcially rest right in the crease betweent the bed and tailgate.
On my Silverado (I know not a Tundra) if I pull my foreman in, I cannot close the tailgate, if I back it in I can close the tailgate with a couple of inches to spare . Pulled in the rack hits the window, backed in the rack is over the tailgate, just an FYI.

I dont know what year truck you have but i could fit mine into that back with the gate up with stock tires also i always put my back window down when towing it but it has happened buddy of mine drove the bike right through the sliding window lol but if you get the toolbox and leavethe tailgate down and 2 straps you will be just fine or just get a guard dog it hooks to your reciever and then to the ball on your bike to keep it down.....Robb uses one its pretty cool
Thanks for the help guys. Once I get some cash I am getting a sprayed liner and tool box and then checkin out the fit! Breakin that back window scares the shicrap out of me for a lot of reasons.
Mine wont fit in the back of my short bed chevy with tail gate up unless you open the back window but then I think it still hits.
if you put a board in the bed the bumper wont hit the rear window. i have a tacoma and the 450 goes in it with the gate down . the tires sit on the wheel humps in the bed .
I did not know Robb had a Lousiana Guard Dog. They are pretty nice, and I like fact you can lock them down so nobody can get your bike out of the back of your truck. I welded one up for my father-in-law. They are really easy to make if you can weld.
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