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Hauling a Foreman 500

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I am planning to purchase a 2007 Foreman 500 and was wondering if anyone can tell me if it will fit inside the bed of a Toyota Tundra truck. It appears to be a close fit based on the dimensions given in the specifications depending on how they were measured. If anyone can share some first hand knowledge, that would be very helpful.

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I seen on the Tubdra forum where a guy put car ramps to get the front end up so the gate will close. I need to pull my TT and haul it both.
the back of my s10
i have a 95 toyota tocoma and my 05 500 will fit with the tailgate down. im pretty sure it will fit in a tundra
i just back mine in my 98 GMC short bed and i can close the tail gate. when im running 5 lbs of air in the tires i can close the tail gate good, but when im runnin 15 lbs, its a tight squeeze.
i can put mine in the back of my 00 ram short box if i back the machine on, then i can close the tailgate. i tried it with it forward when i picked it up at the dealer and ended up leaving my back window in the parking lot. if i drive it in forward i will block the wheels in the front and strap the rear. the ram bed is 6'8", and the front bumper is what kills the windows, if it's in backwards it just sticks over the tailgate enough.
Is it an RC, AC or DC Tundra?? I have the RC w/the 8' bed and fits in there with about 8-10" of space in the front to keep it from smashing the rear window and about 12-16" from the back tires to the closed tailgate. If you got the AC, then you might need to keep the tailgate open. My buddy has an '06 Ram DC and his foreman 450 doesn't fit due to his bigger tires but if they were stock tires, i think he could close the tailgate.
I have a 2005 Double Cab, same thing as the Mega Cab in the new body style. My bed is 6 1/2feet, and mine will only fit with the tailgate down, when I had the stock tires and now I have 27's. My buddies Rancher will not fit in bed where I can put the tailgate up either. Width is not even near an issue.
Just get some good quality ratchet straps or some cam buckle tie downs. This should keep it in your truck just fine!!!
i would get racthets them buckle ones dont work for $#!t
Yeah definantly get the ratchet ones..the buckling ones are pieces of crap.
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