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QUOTE ("3boys865":344td46d)
Thanks for the feedback. The width should fit without a problem, but the truck bed is 76" and the Foreman specs show @ 83 in for length. Loading backwards may work depending on the height near the front of the ATV. Otherwise, the tailgate will have to be down. I assume that will be ok if the ATV is properly secured. Does anyone know if there are any legal restrictions on hauling an ATV in the bed of a pickup with the tailgate down as long as it is properly secured? Anyone done this?

The bed in my short-bed Silverado is longer than yours and my Foreman will -barely- fit with the tailgate closed, but it is lightly touching the rear window. Not a recipe for success.

I did the same thing that dastagg did and went with a Louisiana Guard Dog. With the tailgate down there's plenty of room to stick coolers and whatnot in the bed in front of your Foreman. I used a Reese switchable ball set with 3/4" shaft so that I can use a 1 7/8" ball when hauling my smaller trailers around and quickly shift to the 2" ball to use with the guard dog.

Takes no more time to put the guard dog in place and secure the Foreman to it than using straps and the mounting is rock solid. Like dastagg I use lockable pins as well as a lock on the hitch.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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