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Hauling a Foreman 500

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I am planning to purchase a 2007 Foreman 500 and was wondering if anyone can tell me if it will fit inside the bed of a Toyota Tundra truck. It appears to be a close fit based on the dimensions given in the specifications depending on how they were measured. If anyone can share some first hand knowledge, that would be very helpful.

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i can put mine in the back of my 00 ram short box if i back the machine on, then i can close the tailgate. i tried it with it forward when i picked it up at the dealer and ended up leaving my back window in the parking lot. if i drive it in forward i will block the wheels in the front and strap the rear. the ram bed is 6'8", and the front bumper is what kills the windows, if it's in backwards it just sticks over the tailgate enough.
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