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Hatfield-McCoy Trails

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Anyone ever ride Hatfield-McCoy trails ?
We've got trips planned for June 16th - 20th & September 8th - 12th
This will be my first trip there and was looking for some input
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I have been talking to my friend about a trip up there. It seems to be one of the best riding spots around. We may try to go up in the fall when its starting to get cooler, or maybe wait for snow!
you cant have a passanger. and u mustr always wear a helmet.
I rarely have a passenger, and I really don't mind a helmet that much, ecspecially if its cool out. So thats not a problem.
I learned in my younger day to wear a helment----The hard way !
what happened
Nothing really bad , just smacked my head on the ground a few time from trying to do wheelies and wrecking w/o a helment on.
well maybe that knocked some sence in your head, you aint always been a bright feller anyways. lol just messin with ya man
You cant go wrong planing a trip to the HF&M trails they all good. I have rode there a couple of times.
and our group is planning a ride there on may 21st...
I have rode on half of the trails that are in WV. We go 2-3 times a year. Each time we go we ride on a differtent trail. We average about 50-70 times each day we ride. I love going, and will continue to go back.

Thanks, Rusty
There is plenty of places to ride in WV where there are no rules, that are not far from HM Trails. Sure you have heard of the Wagon Wheel. We go once a month and average about 100 miles everytime and never ride anything twice. You wouldn't believe some of the trails. A must go!!!!!
we ride there about 5 to 7 times a year and stay 7 to 10 days each time and love it . The longest ride was 150 miles in one day ! If you dont have a place to stay pm me and I will give you some names and numbers of some nice localy owned places ! be warned it wont be you last trip up there ! we avg. about 400 to 500 miles in 7 days and we dont ride the same trail everyday !

tell them porkchop sent you
20.00 a day
35.00 3 to 5 days
80.00 for yearly date of purchase to dat of purchase
A bunch from is going again May 19th & 20th....
hey man I am going to be there ! we will get there on the 17 and will leave on the 27
Cool deal porkchop this is were we are staying.
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I will be down there the 18,19,20.
maybe you can hook up with us.
We all have ATVWV.COM stickers o our ATV's
Yep that is at the base of bear wallow , If you like hard trails I think the number is trail 86 that comes out at the slate dump , it is tough ! We will be at the Depoe 17 thru 20 and then at chief logan state park 21 thru 27 . The spring ride is 17 thru 20 about 70 people have already regestered ! Home base is at the depoe it is under the big bridge in Man .
Thats cool...We will have to hook up and b.s.
it's awesome down there i rode the rockhouse trail it's about 2 1/2 hours away from my house . we rode for about 7 hours and never hit the same place twice . plus you can ride into town and get food or gas .
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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