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Hatfield & McCoy, Rockhouse Trailhead

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Does anyone know what trail the large Natural Gas compressor is on, I have only been on that trail once and I can't seem to find my way back to it. Also I have seen pictures of people entering an old mine shaft any idea where that is?
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The natural gas station is on a green trail, T33 is the trail I think it is. Seems as if there may be two different ones back along the western side of the system. If it's not 33, it might be 18.
Ya think I could remember, I was just down ther 2 weeks ago.
Yeah I thought it might be 33 but I couldn't remember for sure. Thanks. What about the mine, have you ever seen this?
If that's on the Browning Fork system it's on a trail that is now closed. Or they may have filled it in. I have been on every section of trail at Browning Fork this year and do not recall seeing that.
I do recall seeing a pic similar to those on another forum and I'm thinking that may be on the Buffalo Mountain trail system.
yeah I have never actually seen it either, some people told me it might be on browning fork, others said Indian ridge, I don't know, I just thought it would be cool to go check it out one of these days, If I can find it.
I have been on Little Coal River, Browning Fork and BearWallow this year and didnt see the mine shaft....
I was on T33 of Browning Fork and came across an old mine shaft this past weekend. The entrance had a dirt mound in front of it. It had been dug out on one side though so you could see in.
That mine shaft is on Buffalo Mountain at the intersecton of trails 47, 15 and 13.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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