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haspin 1-15-06

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anybody going to haspin on 1-15-06?

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Hey Wink, I think me and you are the only 2 from Indiana here on this site. LOL I am going to try and make it out there sometime in April, when the weather gets up into the 60's or so. Don't like riding much when it is cold outside.
Talk to you later.
You two need to move down here to Florida! You can almost ride year-round. We are planning a ride on Sunday but it's gonna be a little cold....
about 65 degrees! As long as the sun is out it will be okay! We rode last weekend and it was about 78 degrees, it was perfect except a little dusty because we hadn't had much rain. But it's been raining every since I woke up this morning so we are catching up!!!
LOL it has been fairly mild the last few weeks up here, highs in the mid 40's to lower 50's a few times. But the bottom is getting ready to fall out this weekend, highs in the low 30's and down to the teens overnight and chance of snow everyday for next 4-5 days. I dont ride much if it is below 50.
You all have fun this weekend riding, my Foreman is still in the shop for the clutch recall, should have it back in a few day.
Snow huh? I've never even SEEN snow!
BUT, I'm going to Tahoe next weekend so I'll be SURE to see some there!
ForeWOMAN, sounds like you have the same weather we have here. If it
gets in the 60's, it's to cold.
I know and I can't STAND cold....I'd rather be hot anyday.
I'm taking heated (battery powered) socks with me to Tahoe. If it gets below 68 or so my pinky toe goes numb!!!
Made it to Haspins over the week end..had a blast . rode with 3 sand rails and a brand new Rhino. my little 2x4 went to all the places they went , but i did get to use my new winch once.........
Hey PSI500, I plan on going to Haspin on April 30th to do some riding and to watch the Hare Scrambles if everything goes as planned. How was it out there, was there very many people there. I cant wait to go and try my new Mud Lites out there in some of the mud pits. I did some riding yesterday down in Paragon along the White River, had to pull a Banshee out that was stuck. I am going to take my camera with me and get some pics and try to post them.
Hey Bexxter, was the first time I was there and only rode a small portion of the place, we stopped a lot for liquid refreshement if you know what I mean. you will find plenty of mud to try those new tires out for sure. when you gonna invite me over to ride the white river with you?
90% of the time it is a spur of the moment thing. Like this last saturday I was at my dads and went to town to get some parts and seen my buddies with there quads and so I went home and got mine. My other buddies in Waverly have everything broke right now so they are not riding anywhere. Where did you guys ride at in Haspin? I go to the end of the drag track and go left and follow the trial down to the mud pits. I ride around that section about 80% of the time that I am there.
i'm from ohio

about 3.5 hours north of you.

want to make it down to haspin and over to the badlands.

I've been to both with my truck, but want to give it a try on my bike
I dont think I am going to be able to make it to Haspin again this year. If I do it wont be until about the first of October. I am trying to get a derby car together for my home town fall derby and will end up spending all my riding money on parts for the car. If something comes up, I will let you all know when I am going.
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