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Has this happened to anyone else?

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I went to move the foreman tonight to get the rider out to mow the yard and it was DEAD! So I jumped it and got it going. First thing I notice is my 4x4 light flashing 4 times and stoping and then again 4 times and so on. I'm thinking great now what have I done, with a few f words thrown in. Then I notice when I pull on the breaks the speedo goes to 4mph and back down. More f words come out. The whole time the 4x4 light is blinking. I get to thinking I f'ed up the wiring to the winch maybe if I unhook it it will all get better. NOPE did not do anything. So somehow I kill it and jump it again and everything is back to normal, the battery is still dead but no 4x4 light flashing and no speedo going nuts.

Anyone got any answers for the big man?
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u hurt her fillings. sell the riding mower and buy a finsh mower for her to pull around! that'll make her happy
Buy a new battery and things will be okedoke artichokie!! The battery just doesn't have enough juice to run all the electronics. If you have a battery charger, you might want to throw it on there and do a trickle charge. That might do the trick also.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...That was great..She was saying.." Oh..Move me for something else to do the work...I will drag that mower sideways uphill both ways.." ...Ha Ha....Um..I don't know why it did that, but that was funny...
Yah, I had to sell my mower and hire someone to cut my grass. Besides it was cutting into my ridin time, and we can't have that!!
I usually throw a tarp over my bike so she can't see what I am doing...He He He
You guys think she was pissed because I was going to ride the rider and not her, you should have seen how PISSED she was when I kept useing a polaris to jump start her.

But I will do the charging thing and see how that works.
Ha Ha Ha...Big Daddy...That was the best yet.... " Oh yea....Bring that belt driven, over rated, bulky, cyclopse lookin' bike over here and do some imbreading with thoes jumper cables and see how fast I throw you over the handle bars the next time you get on me.."

Oh Boy....You did it now....

I would sell the Honda now....You committed adultry !!!!!!!!!!!
QUOTE ("Rincon 650":vkpqlxgv)
with thoes jumper cables and see how fast I throw you over the handle bars the next time you get on me."
I just said that at work 20 mins ago lol! So after sundays ride if theres a post called "Yep she's mad at me" you will know what happened!!
We will all be waiting...
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