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Has anyone tried this when painting rims?

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just wondering if anybody has tried putting some type of clear coat on their rims after they were painted? just thinking if it would help the new paint to last longer
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I did that to Lady Foreman's & it worked out pretty good. They are holdin'
up pretty good.
i painted mine black and put 4 coats on them and then a few days later rode close to 50 miles at the Hatfield McCoy trails in some of the rockiest stuff i have ever ridden...i only had 1 place where the paint chipped and it is a little spot...3 of us that went had just painted them and they all faired really well for the terrain we rode....i didnt use any clear...
I rode with Wvforeman & I had just painted mine and they look great after the ride.
cool, it was just something i was thinking of, im considering painting my rims and thinking of a way to make the paint job hold up and last longer, thanks guys
I painted mine black (6-7 coats), then put clear engine paint over them(about 4 coats). They lasted well over a year. Now I just touch them up w/ whatever can of gloss black I grab first. But I do not have to touch them up much.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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