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has anyone made a canoe rack?

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Just wondering if anyone has made their own canoe rack for their bike? what material did you use and do u have any pic's? i have a design pretty much an trying to figure out what to use and how to fasten it to the bike. i'm leaning towards sqare aluminum tubing in about a 1 inch size basically for its light weight but not sure of its strength if anyone has any insight.
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I saw one made out of 1 1/2 PVC pipe once. But I dont remember how it was atached to the bike.
I made one out of 1" square tube for the uprights and 2" steel channel to attach the 2 frames together. Used 1/8" flat stock and made braces on the corners......all welded and attached to front and back with U-bolts. It weighs about 35 lbs and does make the bike a bit top heavy with the canoe on, but you just have to taker a bit easier........
Sweet looks nice thats pretty much same design i was thinking of . whats the height you used? i was thinking of using a slight decline in the rear so i could keep it low and still be able to see where im going.
I made mine so it sits about 35" high from the top of the front and rear racks. The stock is cut at 36" but angled at about 10 degrees so it's narrower at the top. I had thought about dropping the back end too but figured it would be too low for taking a passenger. Attaching it with the U-bolts makes for quick on and off, depending on what kind of riding I'm doing. Good luck with yours.
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