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Has anyone had this happen?

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I went out yesterday with some friends for a snow ride. I unloaded and played in the parking lot for a few minutes then we hit the trail. A little ways down the trail my 4x4 light started flashing 2 times every couple seconds, and it wouldn't go into 4wheel drive. Is this a code or something? This went on for about half an hour the we stopped to take some pics. I shut it off and about 5 or 6 minutes later I started back up. Funny thing is when I started it back up it went right in to 4x4 and the light never flashed again the rest of the day and worked just like nothing happened. Any thoughts? It's an '05 ForemanS 500.
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I believe the two blinks would be the clutch speed sensor.

That is tell the computer that the back and front wheels are not spinning the same speed, or at least it does not know if they are. So it wont let you shift into 4x4 shutting the machine off rest it and it was able to tell that they were at the same speed. Mine did that to me in a mud hole once. I di-electric greased the connections and have not had it happen again. My guess it that is what happened from snow getting into the plug.
I see. After I clean it up i'll go thru and put die-electric grease on all the connections. Should have done it already. Gives me a good reason. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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