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Has any one purchase the power kit from

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Is the HMF loud is it worth the money I have the money right now and I am wanting to do some really good research before I order it. I want my foreman to be herd with some power. And sound really good.
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It is fairly loud, but it doesn't bother me at all. I love the sound it has, good and deep. I think atvoutfitters has the best bang for the buck. You get all you need in one kit. Also if your worried about it being too loud when you order from them you can get the quiet core insert for $20 more. That gives you a choice, run without the quiet core and if it's too loud for you then put the core in. It's just an insert, take the end cap off and slide it in the re-attach the end cap.
Is the Hmf with the quiet core much louder than the Qs1 and is the power diferance better with the Hmf(with quiet core).
I'm gettin the kit sometime soon, actually as soon as my taxes come back, but i'm thinking about getting the penland pipe instead of the utility.
I just installed it a couple of weeks ago. I had lost some power due to the weight of the new tires. I couldn't take it any longer so I ordered the kit from Matt. The power I lost is back with maybe a litte extra to boot, and the sound is great. When I received it the only jet that came was a 165, I installed it and was impressed. I noticed that most people had a 170 so I called Matt and asked about the 170 and he gave me the number to HMF. They said the 165 would work but they reccomended the 170. It was their error in the packing and sent the 170 next day. It's nice to have the power back along with a good sound. I have ordered several items from Atvoutfitters and highly reccomend them.
i ordered a kit

i just ordered a performance kit from atvoutfitters, i cant wait to install everthing and see if it really improves my bike....
How soon did they say it will be shipped to your door. Like how many days will it take? When you do install it let the form know how much of a different it made?

i think they said a week i should have it

i will post a report
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