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has any one else had trouble withe fans on rancher AT's?

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my 04 rancher AT is incredible and im extremely pleased with it, but the fan is its achillies heal. when, or even if, it comes on ive never had it turn off. it always gets stuck on. i even took it to get checked out, and the guys said they fixed it but the dang thing still wont work right. has this happened to anyone else?
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Glad you like your Rancher!!
The fan issue seems strange to me, something isnt happy there. On my Foreman, in FL where its mega hot, my fan has never come on. Only when in MS did it come on, and it turned it self off pretty quickly. You could always wire up a switch to it, to turn in on and off when you think its needed. My 450 is setup this way.
I was going to say the same thing rob, it is probably some kind of temp. sensor, if it was mine I would do like rob said and just wire a switch to it.
When the guy said it was fixed did he replace the temp switch? Or did he just wiggle things around? I would suggest against just wiring a straight switch to it because if only the switch controls the fan you might forget to turn it on. Some people wire the switch to get power from the switch or from the temp switch. This allows them to turn the fan on when they want but if the engine gets hot and the switch is not on the temp switch will still turn on the fan.

If I was you I would try to get the fan working correctly, I have the foreman, but in my service manual it says that if the fan will not stop running, to first disconect the oil thermosensor, if the fan stops it is the sensor, replace it. If it continues to run the next step is to check the resistance in the 2 pin connector at the cooling fan control unit. Use an ohm meter and check between the light blue terminal and the ground, it should be 10,000 ohms at 77 degrees, resistance will be lower if the engine is warmer than that. If it is off then you have a short in the light blue wire, or a bad ground.

If you have any warrenty left I would stick the wheeler in their face and say fix it right this time, and don't let them tell you it is running because it is hot. Robbs may never run because I think the Florida guys have gills and the water keeps the engine cool, but mine regularly kicks on and off as I am working with it or trail riding. Yours should come on run for a bit then kick off, and if mine is running when I shut it off I turn the key back on and the fan runs for a minute or two then shut off.

Good luck and there is a couple other things the trouble shoot spot say to do on the foreman. So let me know if either of these steps don't work. Or get yourself a service manual I think mine is worth its weight in gas
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QUOTE ("harry":1h49jglk)
Or get yourself a service manual I think mine is worth its weight in gas
That is funny, worth more than gold now
They probably didn't check your temperature sensor because it's a pain in the @$$ to check .. We get a couple a month in the shop saying the fan isn't coming on or shutting off right .. And we almost have to see who gets the shortest straw and has to test the sensor ..
You need 2 meters ..1 with a temperature probe & 1 just as an ohm meter ... The temp sensor must be removed from the bike and boiled in oil to check the resistances ..

The correct numbers are:

Temperature...........80*C (176*F).......120*C (248*F)
Resistance...............47 - 57 ohms.......14 - 18 ohms

The first test (80*C) is when the fan turns on.. The seconds test (120*C) is when the temperature (over heat) light comes on ..

All that shop did was grounded the sensor wire which just tests the fan motor ..
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ok thanks. i know a couple guys who really know what theyre doin. last time i used a dealership for the warrenty.
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