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hard to shift

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have a 06 foreman s and it is hard to shift out of revrse can any one help
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I got the same thing. What do you mean by its hard to shift up from reverse??

yes is hard to shift out of revrse
You mean like hard to lift your foot up to go to next gear?
Try holding the park brake. That helps sometimes
ok thanks
My 07 Foreman is the same way. Sometimes it shifts right back up out of R easily and other times I have to reach down with my hand and pull it up. Not sure why, it's pretty new so I figured it maybe had to loosen up a bit but I don't really know much about it. Any experienced insight out there?
Adjust the clutch real quick, might help.
Hmm. . . I don't know why it does that, but I think its normal because my 06 foreman S I have noticed its a bit harder to shift out of reverse.

My 06 Foreman does it also only when the bike is facing on a down slope. It seems like when their is pressure on the tranny it will not shift out of reverse.
Mine shifts out of reverse really easy!
My 06 has the same problem. It does not happen all the time, only occasionally. Anyone have any suggestions?
check the clutch adustment. but my rancher did that and it just need rode more and broke in
I had the same problem and i just adjusted my idol down a bit. The problem is that the clutch assembly has to much pressure and it wants to hold it in gear. Give it a go if that doesnt work you can always use your warranty.
If it's new it's going to be tight, but all the suggestions here are good. I know on my ES if there is any pressure on the gearbox from being on a slope rocking the bike abit back and forth helps , and it just pops out no prob
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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