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hard time starting

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i got an '06 foreman 500 es, my other atv's have started right up, no choke or nothing. on this foreman i have to choke it and let it run. i recently tried to turn up the idle and that did me absolutely no good. any suggestions, i was wondering if it has to do with the carb or if there is any little thing i can do to just get it to fire up more easily?
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try puting in a NGK Iridum plug helped me a bunch
Could try adjusting the fuel mixture screw. To much air could be starving it for gas and thats why it works when you choke. Does it have a hard time sarting after its been running then you try to restart?
once it has warmed up it's pretty easy to start, sometimes its a little touchy though. i know it has been posted before, but could u tell me where the a/f mix adjuster is and how
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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