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Hard Steering

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I have a 2000 Rancher ES 2WD. The steering has become a chore...I replaced the lower bearing on the steering shaft, and re-greased the upper bushing. No Help....This bike is constantly running wet and deep. Are the ball joints easily penetrated with water? I hate to think that I have to replace the ball joints every couple of years, because the guy who had this bike first NEVER used it like I do. I have only had it 2 years, and I'm sure the previous owner didn't even get mud on it. I don't beat it up, just love gettin' down and dirty.....
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that only leaves the tie rod ends and ball joints to check out. Jack it up and remove the tie rod end on the knuckle of each side, this way your can turn the tires by hand to see what side is causing the problems. You can also grab the tie rod ends by hand once they are removed to see if they are froze up.
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