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Handle Grips

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I was at Bass Pro Shops the other day and I finally picked up some new grips for my Foreman. Does anyone know some tips/tricks for removing the old ones and putting these new ones on? Thanks!
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When I replaced mine, I just took the 10mm bolt off the end of the bars, and took a razor blade and sliced the old ones down the middle.
I dont have any suggestions for putting new ones on, cause my new ones slide all around like a twist throttle now. Im sure some people here will have some suggestions.
I used Renthal Grip Glue (its similar to contact cement) on mine. Worked good once it cured overnight.

Some people use aerosol hairspray or aerosol paint. It help them slide on the when it dries its like glue. Use what you have around the house before you make a trip to the store. If it doesn't work try the grip glue.

Robb, I'll try to find my tube and bring it to 5A tonight for ya.
Aquanet hairspray.

and while trying to slide the new grips on if you use a blow nozzle and a air compressor you can blow the grips up and slide them right on.
yup - air comp and blow tip
take the end off, stuff the tip in between the grip and handle bar.
takes some twisting on the grip to get the stubborn spots off sometimes.
then use the same trick to get em back on.
works great! be carefull though, i almost blew mine up and popped em last time.
QUOTE ("deadmullet":3pspoyst)
Aquanet hairspray
Works great and grips slid right on .
I used super glue on mine. once the glue actually dried inside it worked great.
I have used compressed air in between the grip and handle bar and it breaks it loose,then use hair spray to fasten the new grips on.
use the hairspray didnt you ever put grips on your bike when u where a kid i always stole moms hairspray lol
QUOTE ("Rubicon3303":13ub9i3x)
i always stole moms hairspray lol
It was your admit it!
I have never met so many dudes that admit to using hair spray so openly.
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ok I admit it !!!
i am a user too !!
in a potato gun !
Finesse works the best
Somewhere down the line we all had used hairspray in more than 1 way,right guys,I always used my older sisters all up on purpose,especially when she was going out on a date.We got over that stage now though...
A potato gun is the only valid use (Although I choose to use alcohol) Anooying your big sister is borderline though.
That works great too,done that also.Gotta love your tator lumpy,right...
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