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Handle Bar Height

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I have noticed that most all 05, 06, 07 foreman's I have seen
in this area have the handle bar height set what appears a little low. Parking next to my wife's 06 rancher, they are both about the same height, you would think the foreman would be raised up a little higher .

Are they set at the factory or do the dealers adjust them out
of the crate? I am 6-2 tall and thinking of raising up mine on my 06 / ES a couple inches.

I think I could have better control with them raised up a tad, have any of you re adjusted yours?
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They are assembled that way.Adjust them if you want,but mines at the perfect hight.
me too

im a little over 6 foot and wouldnt mind having mine raised up a little...let me know how you do it or show me some pictures if you get time...thanks
u take off the head light plastic around it and u see the 4 bolts you unlosen them and move the bars were u want and tightin back up..
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