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Hand Grips

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Where does everyone get their hand grips? I have been looking around online but alot of them don't have hand grips. I want a gel type but I want it to be bigger around so I can grip them better. Where do yall get them?
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I use the stock Honda grips. I always wear gloves and I like the smaller size and the waffle pattern is non slip even when covered in mud. A lot of aftermarket grips are smooth and you end up having to grip the bars tighter to maintain control. Just something to consider in your search.
i agree, dont get the grips that dont have alot of grip. when mud gets on them your hands will slide right off. i know hifglifter used to sell gel grips but i just looked on there site and i couldnt find them. take a look on ebay, i heard that snowmobile grips are supost to be good.
I did not think about that. I will keep it in mind, thanks guys!
I have the foam grips and they're much larger around than the stock ones,Which took a while to get used to.Something to think about with a larger diameter grip is that it moves your thumb farther away from the throttle,and that took me some time to get used to it.
I have gel grips that I got from Bass Pro Shops. You can order them online in the ATV accessories section.
I use Spider Grips and they have held up excellent; however I do like the HL gel grips better but they seem to wear out faster.
someone on here said walmart in the bike department
you can find some really nice ones at honda or yamaha dealers thats where i get mine
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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