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Hey guys, new on here and am in trouble... I have a 2000 Model 450 ES... With the hunting season getting underway...pulled out the foreman to go to the dove field... Did great, but noticed every once and a while, a sputter of white smoke. Then did smoke work on the farm with it, now, white smoke is pouring out of the exhaust! And on the muffler, it looks like there are several small specks of oil!!!! What is wrong with it? Bad gas? (surely not) Oil level is great and oil color is great. So what do yall think? Tell me what you think it is? Have I torn it up? It still runs great. Cranks right up and idles fine, no missing... If i Have torn something up, what is it, and how much will it cost to fix it? Is it something I can fix, or does it need to go to the shop>? Help me guys, give me all the details.


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Has it been in any water? Has it been sitting for awhile? Is the oil that is in it fresh?
Just changed the oil it in, yes its in water during hunting season. Friend of mine said either the pistol rings could be bad(not a big deal, easily replacable) or the whole pistol could be gone.
rering it lightly hone it an go on
yeah new rings and a hone to cyliner.
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