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Guess what coming in the mail now

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First off its about a $450 mod for the old foreman. I will let think on it for alittle while. It should be here tomorrow, I hope so.
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allready have the DGL, NO big bore here, I ordered a gear reduction set this morning, its either a 14% or 18% gear reduction made for the foreman.
Very nice.
Where are you getting the kit from ?
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Where are you getting the kit from ?
Nugent Performance located in Texas
Phone number is (409)287-4353, ask for Billie
Do they have email or anything?
sorry thats all the info i have, I ordered by phone. Real nice people to deal with. I will know more when the parts arrive
The wife called and said the gears are in. Now the fun part, install them. I will try to get a few pic's of what the kit consist of.
Does that kit make it slower or faster (top speed). If slower, why?
Higher gearing (lower top end speed) to turn the tires better in the mud.
Thing is gonna top out at like 2.5mph in first..hehe, cant wait to hear how it performs.
here is what the kit consist of. it is a 14% reduction, it come with a T-shirt and a few stickers no other information on the product.
here are a few pics to compare the size differents between the gears. u can see that the clutch cage gear is bigger, the teeth go all the way to the edge of the cage. the drive gear is smaller in size which is hard to see in the pics.
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So are we to see some 29.5's in your future. Do they make them for the 05 foreman?
What do those gears do? Do they give a little more torque, speed, & power?
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What do those gears do? Do they give a little more torque, speed, & power?
Torque applied to the tires. Just like increaseing the gear ratio in a truck w/ large tires to comensate for the power loss and gearing increase with the increase circumferance of a larger tire.
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