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Grinding noise???

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my 06 rubi makes this grinding noise when im in sand or ddep mud. it only does it when it is warmed up though. like if i start it and go in the mud it is fine but if i ride for a while then hit the same hole it slows down and starts to grind. its not as bad in low but it still does it. any ideas?
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You should take it to your dealer and have the oil pressure tested ...
i think im gonna go on monday thanx. i was thinkin the same thing
let me know how it goes, my 02 is doing the same thing. I was told that the oil pump is failing and the tranny is grinding b/c theres not enough pressure? Is that what your thinking?
You said it doesn't do it as bad in low. Are you mudding it in High? If you are... you shouldn't be with those size tires.
take it to the dealer ASAP i wouldnt even ride it untill then. my rubicon started doin the same thing, i just kept on puttin it off untill the tranny went out. my oil pump failed and the tranny wasnt getting enough oil. im not saying thats what it is, i just wanted you to be awair that mine was doing the same thing and it was the tranny.
i had the same problem with my 01 rubi. wat it turned out to be was the rad was pluged so the bike was heating up and then the gears would start slipping, which made the bad grinding sound. but you may want to get it checked out incase it is a bigger problem.
i had the same prob. mine was when the clutch got hot it would make that sound. what it sounds like is the clutch is slipping. if it starts grinding and doesn't mive that what it is. make sure if it is that you change the counter weights and the outer clutch ring.
well i got my oil pressure tested finally. they said it had 25psi at low RPM and 118psi at high RPM. that is inside the specs but i don't think its great. does it sound OK?
Did they let it warm up? Ive heard the pressure drops as the bike heats up. But the 06s have a new oil pump, so they shouldn't have problems. Maybe its something in your clutch? Like someone above mentioned.
i'm not sure if they let it warm up or not but it is fine when it is just started or after i go in deep water so i'm not sure what to think. i'm gonna check the rad and oil cooler but they looked clear from what i could see but i'm gonna check that tomorrow i think. i dunno.
Someone above mentioned overheatins was the problem. Check your radiator, I thought mine was clean then I pulled the fender off and unscrewd the oil cooler to get behind it and it was packed with mud and leaves. Just take a strong hose stream, pull off the side things on the radiator, unscrew the oil cooler , and take your time and hose it out. Hope this helps ya.
is it to low? should i stop ridin it or what? i really don't wanna have to split the case to can the oil pump but if u think i need to then prob should. they claimed that the pressure was in the limits and ok to ride. what should the pressures be?
i put my fan on a switch and went riding this weekend it was 100 % better. had to leave the fan run almost the whole time i was riding tho. think the fan motor will burn out or should i be ok?
how did you put your fan on a switch? How do you know when to turn it on? Idk about the fan running all the time, I would think it would be ok, but idk.
I have had my fan wired on a switch for 2 years now and it works great. The fan also has a little more powered when its wired on a switch. One thing to remember though is to make sure you turn it off when crossing deep water or playing in the mud. that will burn the fan out.
to wire it all i did was run the hot from the battery to a switch i mounted in the light pod. then ran a wire from the switch and a ground from the frame and spliced into the original wiring harness. i put heat shrink rap on all the connections to try to keep water and mud out. and as for when i know when to turn it on i just let it warm up and basically left it on all day. but i did make sure i turned it off when in deep water and mud.
ok, thanks, where did you splice in to the wiring harness?
right up at the fan. but make sure you splice in before the connection in case anything happens and you have to take the fan out.
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