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Greetings from Maine

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Well, since the snow is gone I guess I should find something else to talk about other than snowmobiling. I recently picked up a left over 06 forman 500 ES. I love it so far, not many miles yet. (maybe this weekend) I like all things outdoors so I cant wait to get into the sport. Is there really only a few people from Maine on this site?
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I am one of the few.... cant find anyone else yet or have had anyone write back from the area... how close are you from Sanford???
Near skowhegan...quite a ways
Welcome NorthernForeman
still no new mainers in here huh???
If there is any their not talking...
Looks like we are up to 3 from Maine!!!
Or is that 4?

Welcome to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome mang, not from Maine but close, New Brunswick. Deadly trails up here.
Welcome mang, not from Maine but close, New Brunswick. Deadly trails up here.
Howdy all add another to the Mainers. Im way downeast. I do not even have my Foreman yet but going to pick it up in MA on Friday. 2007 500 ES 4x4. I have always been one to save my money and it was finally time to spend some of it and get a toy, you only live once. I am quite excited. I enjoy anything outdoors and cant wait to let the Foreman take me there.

Greetings! Why mass, best price?
"Why mass"

Yes best deal I could find. I have been working for a little while and was considering both new and lightly used. It is from a private seller, 2007 500 ES with ~130miles on it and I got it and a brand new karavan trailer for about $500 less then the cheapest new one (2006 leftover) I could find.

FYI I have done a lot of reasearch and communitcating with dealers and the best price out the door for a new one I could get was about $5300 for a leftover 2006 or about $5800 for a 2007. I think I got a decent deal.
I traveled to NH to get mine. Naults had an add in uncle henery's for left over 06's and I couldnt resist. By the time I added in gas to pick it up and tax when I registered it I probly didnt gain that much, but it felt better! Enjoy.

The price I got quoted from Naults vs the price including tax from my clostest dealer was still about $200 cheaper. Of course it would take me about $70 in gas to go get it. Naults is still calling and leaving messages for me trying to deal me one Im betting that I could get em down at least another $100 and if I hadn't already commited to the other one I might have changed my mind because I kind of wanted a green one.
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