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does anyone know if you can put gps on a 05 foreman
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I had this one on mine, they make a nice handle bar mount <a href="" target="_blank"> ... rchResults</a>
Got one on the Rincon. WOW... Talk about SMALL.. 1 inch wide and 1 1/2 tall. Got it at West Marine. It is a snap in type and the other part mounts on the GPS. Won't fall off and when you remove the GPS, you won't even know it is on the handle bars. I will post pics for you tomorrow. I have seen the GODDY ones and hate them...Wait til you see this itty bitty mount.. Very secure also..
I use a RAM mount for my Garmen Etrex legend.the ram mounts are tough.I have seen them survive end over end crashes and live.on more than 1 occasion
Here are the pics...One is the handle bar mount ( small huh.. ) and one is the small bracket that mounts on the back of the GPS and the last is the mounted GPS..
It is small but do you know if you can put gpscape like if you buy the chip
Contact West Marine.. They have the regular generic mounts or the specific mount for your GPS. I guess that is why they are so small.. Specific mount with no extra bulk..
rinny....where did you get your hand grips from....i like those and they look comfy
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
any kind of mount type you could imagine...adjustable in every way too.
Yea...they have alot..but I could not find my small one and thoes aren't under $15.. Nice ones though..

Natedizzer...the grips are chrome/padded foam motorcycle grips... They don't loosen up and don't hold water...I have had about 15 grips and none are this padded and enjoyable to hang on to.. Got them at the Moto Speed Lab.. They are like $14-$16...
Here..I went and took pisc for you...Here they are...
Hey Nate (sorry totaly off the topic) How do you like ur swamplights??? I just ordered a set for my husband for his Rancher yesterday.
I believe Tommy T is referring to the Honda GPScape.

I don't know how you would go about that Tommy, ask your dealer. Might be simple as changing pods? Good luck.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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