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Got screwed

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Well i won a motor on ebay like almost a month ago paid for and all and now still havent recieved the motor kinda sux i am out on 600 big ones.
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Hunt em down.

I call shotgun! Seriously though, sorry about your luck dude, that sucks!
I thought the great and all powerful ebay had provisions set up so this sort of thing doesnt happen?

that sucks i feel for ya. It reaffirms my position of that i will never,ever buy something from ebay
Man that sucks....we have bought stuff from ebay and
never had a time we'll think twice!! Have you
contacted anyone from ebay. The person that listed the engine
has committed a crime....he can, and should, get in trouble!!!

Do you have an ebay tool bar downloaded? We have one, and
it has an icon that will alert you if you are not on a verified sight!!
yeah get ahold of ebay they will most likeley saolve the problem, did you pay with paypal? if so they offer all kinds of saftey programs. just got to ebay live help and ask them, they will know just what do do. have you contacted the seller?
seller wont contact me back besides he said it would be shipped on monday that was like a month ago. Yea i paid through pay pal i am giving the guy till monday.
you just have to wait my brother bought some rims on ebay it said they would be here in 1-6 days but it took like 3 weeks
I think you only have 30 days for Paypal to do anything ..
In my experience....if you paid by visa, you can contact visa and they will get your money back and go after the fella that took your money. Thats called Fraud and they will go after him. Happened to me once but i had something like insurance as part of my package with visa. Try calling them.

well reported the guy to paypal and finally he gives them a answer of it was shipped but no date or tracking number.
Well the motor showed up today at work guess i didnt get srewed
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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