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Got my new bike muddy finally

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Took a couple kids out to the lease for the youth duckhunt this weekend...finally got to see what the foreman will hauled me ad three other guys plus all our gear out to the pitblind in a nasty disced up flooded rice field and never batted an eye I am thouroly impressed...the old rancher used to struggle with just me & my dog on it but this dude was cruising in thrid gear with a heck fo a load on it....the swamplites are awesome too, they cleaned out very well.
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Glad to hear it.
how did you do on your hunt
i did hunt in Hollybeach when theres was one in south LA
Lots of ducks but some poor shooting...what can you expect they were kids, but we had fun..the big oys get to start shooting in the morning...we're gonan wear 'em out.
how good were the swamplites..........i was thinking about getting some of these tires???
I like 'em...they ride like stock tires & cean out great. hauled me & my brother out to the blind yesterday no problem...combined we weigh in at about 500lbs.
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