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Got my Gators on!

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I hate to say it but it's kinda doggy now. I'm going to get a HMF, jet kit, and a K&N soon, I hope it will make up for the lost HP!
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doggy? there only 26's anyways i hope you like them, i had them before and they were great tires.
It seems like I have to give it way more thumb and I think I have to shift different. I only had the chance to ride it for a few mins. I will get to ride it way more on sunday, and get to try out the new meats!
I noticed a bit of power loss when I put 26'' Mudlites on my 05 Foreman 500. I did not think I was going to loss that much but it was a lot more then I thought. I think it is just something with the 500's not liking bigger tires put on them.
I got it out tonight in the side yard and let some air out of the tires. WOW what a difference 5psi makes!!! There was almost 10 psi in each tire. I have them down to 4psi right now. I don't think it was as big of a loss as I first thought but it's enough to notice. I'm going to be working some overtime for a few weeks and I hope I can talk the wife into more mods!!!
hey big daddy thought you were gettin 27's hoss, just messin with ya, i only run 3psi in mine
I was going to get 27 mudlites but found this set for less $$$!
Glad you finally got em' Big Daddy.
I put 27" gators on my 450s and I too had a power loss but with just a after market pipe, I got some power back. Would be more with a new filter and jets though.
look good, The gators look awesome
I run mudlites and my buddy runs gators. You picked the right tire! The mudlites just aren't agressive enough in the mud and the gators are almost as smooth on the trails. Congrats on the new meats!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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