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Got money but what tire?

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I want a tire that wears good because I will have them for several years. The wife wants kids and then there will be no money for toys.

Anyhow I am trying to do the research and so far I am stuck on gators or bi/tri claws. From what I read both seem to ride well. For the most part I am riding 50% of the time on the grass checking pond, pulling siens, and moving boats around. Then I go into a creek for maybe 25% of riding, I get out to state trails maybe 15% of the time but they are like driving on a road with mud holes on either side. and finally I spend maybe 10% of the time stuck in the mud trying to get through with stock tires.

Any input anyone would have on tires would be greatly appriechated(sp) I can't spend a ton on tires but I think I can wait and get the tire that I want instead of jumping into something right away.

Thanks Mike
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If kids are in the picture, you better get what you want now. The Gators
or Bi/Tri-Claws would be great.
have u thought about itp 589's? They are a good all around tire
I thought the 589's are heavy and ride rough on trails I guess that is why I over looked them
o ok....i think u would be good with the gators
i had 589's and they are a very good all around tire(they are still for sale by the way )

now i have the bi/tri claws and they blow away the 589's in the mud. they ride about the same i guess but i have never ridden on hard packed trails/pavement. only sugar sand
ever thought about the mud lites. they are light weight and dont wear easy and ride very well on hard ground.
i have titan 589m/ts and they perform great, i ride 50% trail and 50% mud and they couldnt be any better. in the winter they will climb anything and dig deep too!! in mud they are very good exept in the thick stuff they dont self clean too good.on the trails they arent even bumpy, and i have lift springs too!! they have outstanding sidewall protection and in water they float decent. my dad wanted a tire for the same reason you did and he went with 589s and couldnt be happier. they are 4 years old and have 3000 miles on them, also a bunch a tire peel outs with me!! and they are still good in all conditions!!

go with the 589s, you wont be didapointed!
Those tires in the pictures above have 3,000 miles on them?? They look
pretty dang good to have that many miles on them.
just to let you know gators are not the tire everyone thinks they are. i have them on my 300 which i dont even ride alot and the gators are about gone. the claws are great tires. they wear good and will go anywear, also maby you should look into the interco vampires they last forever even on the road.
i agree with MAD MUDDER i have 27 vampires they have over 1500 miles on them and they still have more tread than my brothers 28 titians. and i ride them on the road alot. if needed i will post a picture.
no...the tires on my foreman, in the pic only have about 2000 miles on them, my uncles bigbear have 3000 miles on them, they r worse than mine
Ohh. They still look pretty good to have 2,000 miles on them.
I like the Claws as well, had them on my Cat and now on the Rubicon, great tire. They are better than 589 in the winter, especially on hard pack. Claws are not as hard. I have friends with Gators and they love them; don't think you can go wrong with either tire...Gators are cheaper but Claws will pull better in mud. Good Luck
QUOTE ("Railroader":1wbvzuzz)
Ohh. They still look pretty good to have 2,000 miles on them.
r u serious?? i ride on the pavement and squeel them alot too.... how many miles do you have on you atv, on mine i would have to say less than 3000, i got the foreman last May from my uncle and he NEVER rode mud or anything that would get it dirty. he only used it to get to and from his deerstand every year, and to pick blue berries!! i got a very good deal on it there were probably only 500 miles on it when i bought it
Not a bad deal there. Musta been like brand new.
i love my outlaw MST's they are very smooth, pull really good in the mud, and HL has a 10%off them right now, hehe. i have them mounted on Rubicon rims and run 1.5psi in them, they do really good on creek sand, mud, hardpack, and so far i have about 250 miles on them and hope to get alot more!! but so far they are wearing great, especially to be riding asphalt alot! i think i got mine for $275? they are 26x9.5-12 and 26x12-12.
From what I view I think Mud Bugs rock.

Robb had them when I had my 589's and he out mudded me with ease.

Also Rubicon3303 has them on his Rubi and follows the outlaws 99% of the time.

Great tire IMO
i hate to break the ice again but..... mud lights also wear like butter. my friend has them on his 300 and they have about 500 miles on the road and they are gone. some tires i know of that wear good are, itp 589,mud machine bi/tri claws,titan 589,kenda executioner,kenda bear claw,maxxis mud bug,interco vampires,interco tsl,interco swamp lite, and im sure theres many more but thats all i can think of now. if you have any questions about any of them tires just ask.
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