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I GOT ABOUT 1250 MILES ON A 05 FOREMAN THAT I BOUGHT ABOUT 5 MONTHS AGO CAN ANY ONE TOP THAT? I have had to replace the bearings and balljoints after those kinda miles.
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I have 2,350 on mine. Got it new 1 yr and 3 months ago.

What Bearings did you have to replace? What do you think contributed to this problem? Euro did you have to replace your? Since you have a lot more miles on yours makes you wonder what caused the problem.
I have to replace my 1st wheel bearing tomorrow as a matter of a fact.

I still never touched the balljoints.
i have 1585 on a 05 foreman 500 i got in july not touched anything as far as running gear just add-ons
well i got 800 on the rubicon would have alot more if it wasnt in the shop for over 3 months total time only had it 11 months
600 9 months
1436 1 yr old 22nd dec replaced wheel bearing normal were and tere out put shaft not were and tere

when i broke my front axle i went ahead and changed the front (hub i think) bearings but all my ball joints were shot!!!
I got 7 years and 3000 miles on the foreman and i had to replace the bearings once, but no ball joints.

**** no balljoints with 3000 miles that tells me that i ride way to hard
i have put 1010miles on my bike, and i got it first of august, right before Katrina hit.. so thats about 5months?
Now i got a new job, nice pay, but im gone out of town for a while. so the miles stop climbing. But now i have Perfex, Rubi rims, MST's, MM 3500LB winch, Fabed up bash plate, skid plate, Tow hooks. And now i have a clutch kit sittin at my house waiting to be put in. hehehe
I have had mine for 7 months and it has 1,000 miles on it.
about 9 months old 1400 miles, new wheel bearings, new front brake pads, no rear brakes.
2 years only 580 miles
2671 miles in 9 or 10 months
05 foreman 500
had the front bearings done on warranty.
back brakes have been gone for a LOOONG time.
still love it !
darren you got any pics of your bike? would like to see your machine!

im workin on getting this video on my computer but it wont read it! my 4-wheeler is in the shop where it always is! i broke 1stgear. im going to use my girlfriends computer to put it on the
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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