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Got me A new Winch

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i just got a 2000lb champion winch today. my brother bought it for me for my birthday. i dont know nething about this brand of winch bc every1 seems to have warn, rule wtc. and i didnt know nehting about this. it seems to be very very well made, with 50 ft of aircraft cable, and the best part is the one year warranty, it also came with all the roller fairleads and all mounts and remote. just wanted to know if ne1 knew nething aboutt his winch, thanks so much guys
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Champion Winch

I put the same one on this weekend. It was somewhat painful. I got my winch mount kit from Cabelas. It was difficult to install and takes two people at times. Be sure to install winch to mounting plate inside of bumper then mounting plate to the frame and bumper otherwise you spend time figuring it out. It appears to be a good winch and I believe it might also be made for Cabelas under their own brand name. Not entirely sure.
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