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Got it home today

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Well, made the ride to Southern Honda in Chattanooga today. Very freindly and good service. Got my 2006 Foreman 4x4 ES out the door for $4743. Added the 4 year warranty for $499. Also got the Oxlite CV boot gaurds for $49. All in all I though it was a good deal...beat any of my local dealers by a long shot.

Gunna reroute the vent lines and install the CV boot gaurds tomorrow. The only thing I have questioned so far is the idle. It was way too low from the factory. After turning it up a few screws it idles and runs great. Anyone else have this problem>?

Thanks, Kevin
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nice. and ya my idle on my foreman and my dads rubicon was to low from factory so nuttin major just turn it up and ur good to go..
i been eying their prices and was wondering if there advertised price was out the door..sounds like i need to get a job and have my parents get me a loan

That's new? 4743? Why so cheap? I paid 5800.00 out the door for a 2006 Honda Foreman S.
Where he got it at is a it will explain there!
The whole expirence I had with Southern Honda was a great one. Their advertised prices on vehicles really is the price out the door, unless you are a TN resident. The prices for accesories up there is a little high though. I was in and out in about an hour. All in all I would reccomend them to anyone. Well worth the 500 mile round trip.
i bought mine there too even got the wheels warranties blah blah blah for $800 cheaper than i could of around town i paid the same thing for the four wheeler. ALL I HAD TO DO WHEN I GOT THERE WAS SIGN A PAPER AND HOME I WENT
Yep,They are a good place to buy from,I drove 8 hours one way from Florida in 2005.Bought a Foreman 500 and a Rancher 350 with a 424 select already installed,got em both for $9400.bucks.
Wow, awesome deal.
ya good deal
I bought 2 bikes their great place to do bis with
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