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Got a quetion for yall!!

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Ok i have a foreman 500 s,and i recently bought a hl clutch kit.I haven't installed it yet but i was talking to somebody and they said the clutch kit want do anything for a manual shift......Is that right, and if not does it make a big difference or can you only tell it if your bike just about bogs out in the mud??I appreciate all of yalls help thanks!!!
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It functions the same for an ES or S model. It will delay the clutches engagement by 500 RPM, allowing the bike to build power before the wheels engage, from a stop.
Yep what true grit said, i can put one knee on the seat while on the street and from a dead stop pull a 12oclock, Sure couldent befor i installed it.
Me and SASQUATCH changed his springs last weekend, it made a big difference. I am about to change mine soon!!!
What about top speed? Does it allow the engine to rev higher for more top speed?
nope, doesnt affect anything but the engagement rpm.
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