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Got a cherry question.

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I’ve got a newbie question. I understand that the following parts need to have their vent lines extended to the light pod. Carburetor (two tubes on top), front and rear diff., rear brakes, and the larger oil cooler. Stick a screw or golf tee in the carburetor drain on bottom (when in deep water). Use dielectric grease on all electrical fittings. Also, use dielectric grease in the spark plug cap. Recoil starter needs to be sealed up with RTV silicone.

Ok my question is where are you guys buying the material to extend the vent lines? Are they all the same size? I searched for these answers but had no luck. I hope I’m not the only one who’s clueless about this. I know this topic is being butchered; I just want to get it right. Thanks in advance, this is truly a helpful forum!

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most auto parts stores will have what you need, in vacuum or windshield washer fluid tubing. Cut a small piece off of one of your vents and bring it to the store, and try to get a close enough match.
Thanks Robb. I guess that's the most obvious place but you never know until you ask.
my auto stores did not have it, but a local mom amd pops hardware store did. vacuum line i believe is what it is called
How many of you have extended these lines? Guess I hate to admit it but this is the first I've heard of all this!
if you want to ride water it is pretty much a necessity.
is this a necesity or only if you go through water all the time. When i ride i have to occassionaly tackle the steam, but it only comes up to the botom of my seat.
If your front racks ever dip under water you may want to think about it. At least as a precaution.
what are some of the electrical fittings that need to be greased other than the spark plug boot?
The best answer is everything.

The angle sensor on ES's and the voltage rectifier on the back frame by the Right rear tire. I would make sure to hit. Then anyhing else you can easily get to.
alright well i don't put them under water so it shouldn't be a problem right?
seal it anyways, i sealed every connector i could find. it will be worth the time and you wont regret it.
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