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Gorrilla axles

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I have an 06 foreman with 28" Mudlites. I recently broke a CV axle and was wondering if it was worth the money to buy Gorrilla axles instead of OEM. Anyone have them?
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I have them they are good i like them i havent had any problems with them yet at all
Did you break the stock one? Do you have a lift on yours?
yeah i broke 3 stock axels in a matter of 4 months and no i dont have any lift at all
Yeah Foreman is only about four months old. The 28s have been on there about three weeks. This was the first serious mud hole that I went through. Ive got a high lifter lift kit on mine. It didnt take much to snap the stock axle. Thanks for the help.
did u snap the shafts themselfs or the cv joints what im doin sincec i only broke the cv joint is goin wiht a gorilla rebuild
I snaped the outer joint. I just decided to spend the money and buy the whole axle though. What size tires you running? Do you have a lift?
if you have a cv shop around you they can rebuild your outer shaft should only be between 40 and 60 bucks.

i have 28 12 1/2 12 outlaws on my bike since february and havent had a problem yet i also have a highlifter lift kit and lift springs in the rear
Do you have stock axles still? It didnt take much stress for mine to break. Ive got 28x12s all the way around with the lift.
well when i broke my outter cv joint i was runnin 25" dirt devils and i have a lift
Im probably going to take the lift off the rear of mine. Ive heard a lot of people are breaking rear u-joints and driveshafts because of the angle. I dont need to clear the tires.
i still have the stock axles and havent had any problems yet.

I think it is all the way that a person rides i like to creep through things so i dont have much stress

with momentum you can get through anything but try and crawl through and see what happens
Most of my problems with breaking axels is that i dont know when to stop and just hook up a strap
10-4 i got the same problem, dont know when to quit.
Sometimes when you just creep you dont have enough wheel speed so you end up getting stuck more easily
QUOTE ("Blue5004x4":2bi9t121)
Sometimes when you just creep you dont have enough wheel speed so you end up getting stuck more easily

Yes but it all depends on what kind of mud u are dealing with creeping through stuff does work alot
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