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Gorilla winches on ebay?

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Has anyone here purchased one of the 3k gorilla winches? I was wondering if anyone had anything to report on their product? The pricing seems to be really agressive!

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I picked up one for a friend and installed it on his 4x4 mule. It seemed alittle noisy to me, but pulled great. It is also a little slower than most of the name brands. For the price, I think its worth it. Same goes for the Venom winches
have one and love complaints so far...has worked everytime without fail... like dirty4man said it is a little noisy and slower than others but it works... i have never heard of time trials for winches so i guess it is no big deal how fast it goes....
Same here I have a 3000 and it is noisy and slow but it works. If you get one the long wires go to the battery not the winch, I rewired mine so the long wires went to the winch so I could put the box in the rear tool box.
I have the 2500 and its pulled me and my foreman out of many tight spots with out a single problem!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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