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Gorilla winch

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im installing a 3000 lbs gorilla winch on my 07 500 cc foreman i mounted the plate and winch my worry is where it mounts it puts the poles for the wiring like 1/4 of an inch from the fender brace is that normal.second is I have tp splice a red wire on my switch to a key 12v on the bike,which wire do I need??? thanks for any help
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I cant wait to see some answers, mine is going on this weekend. Dont be afraid to post any tips or tricks that you may find.
I have a 2500lb Ramsey winch and the wiring lugs are very close to the body and frame. Looked crazy at first, But after I got everything mounted and snuged up it wotked fine.. You can re-clock the motor if you need to. I spliced in to the power wire for the 12v plug.. works fine...
how did you splice into it whats the best way?
I used a test light to find which wire was "hot" with the key on. Once I found one, I just spliced to it...not sure what the wire went to. I bought my mounting plate from Gorilla and with it mounted, the contactors will touch the angled brace that goes to the bottom of the light housing (there is no 1/4" clearance). I cut a small piece out of a garden hose and turned it inside out (green on inside, gray on the outside) and wrapped it around the brace and ziptied the hose. This works as a spacer and the winch will not ground out. Works fine so far and you do not even notice it. I have had some problems with the rocker switch. If you hold it down and let off, it will sometimes continue to reel in. It might be designed this way (doubt it though). If not caught, the winch is so strong that it will pull the hook throught the roller fairleads and bend them.
Your winch kit should have some wire splice connectors. If not you can get them from the hardware store.. You can reach the wire to the 12v plug without removing the body... If I remember correctly it is a white and black wire... Nice photo on your post...
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i actually hooked my wite up to the 12v plug too. theres a pigtale up in the fender going to the plug. i just unplugged it, crammed the wire inside, and plugged it back together.
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