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Gorilla Winch

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I have one of those 3000# Gorilla winches. All is good, except one thing. What is wrong when the cable will spool out but won't spool back in? The contactor clicks, so I know the switch is good. Would it be the contactor or the winch itself?
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The contactor most likely.
I called Gorilla and they said that the contactor is probably the problem. I looked at the contactor and there is rust on the nuts on top, but everything looks fairly good. I know getting it wet will cause it to go bad, the question is, how do you keep it from getting wet? I have it in the trunk section in the back, and I mounted it in the top corner. I also put sillicone all over it and marine grease as well. Any other ideas?
Do you have to model with the remote?
Nope, no remote on mine.
Mine has the remote and it comes with the contacts in an enclosed box. I just silconed the crap out of it and mounted it in the back tool box. I have had no problems yet and it's been on there for a year.
I got the contactor in yesterday and I piled the silicone on it. First I put on dielectric grease on all metal parts and then I siliconed all of the seams and remounted it. The contactor was definetely the problem because the winch is working fine!
You can also try the spray that you use on the battery terminals to keep corrosion building up.
Yeah I spray every eletrical and moving part with white Lithium grease. It comes out like WD-40, but it stays for a long, long time.
where did yall hook the red wire off of the switch?
QUOTE ("dirtface500":e4ewm26q)
where did yall hook the red wire off of the switch?
If your talking about the feed hot for the silenoid, tie it into the key switch.
well i got that taken care of but now i have burnt two sets of contacts . put my tester on them. power IS goin in but nothin commin out. they just gonna send more contacts to me but i dont know why they burn up
Here is a pretty cool step by step I found for the Venom winch. Thid may help with some wire connection/locations.
I had problems with mine doing the same thing. I ended up mounting the contactor to a aluminum plate then mounting the plate to the bike. This keeps the contactor from getting any kind of a twist or bind in it when you mount it. Solved my problem.
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