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Gorilla Winch

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Tip to all of you Warn guys! Try a Gorilla 3000# winch!! This is one tough son of a gun. I literally winched my foreman up a tree. It was a little hard trying to mount it on the bracket that came with it, but it was the first time I had ever installed a winch. I also did not care for the mounts that were on the rocker switch but I modified it a bit. But trust me, for $110 bucks, you can't beat it!

Also, can someone recommend a snorkel kit website for my 2004 Foreman 450 ES?
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Just a word of caution with that Gorilla...SEAL up the contactor with a good RTV silicone, I didn't and now the contactor is toast!!

As far as the snork goes, you can build your own for cheap as described in this thread

Or you can order one from[/url]
What is the best thing to use to seal up the contactor? Silicone or do you recommend something else?
i put my contactor in an electrical junction box that is water tight. after frying two of them that were mounted on the side of the trunk
I have mine under the seat do u think i will be ok there??
if you go in water over your seat it might fry it
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