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Gorilla Winch

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What do you guys think of the Gorilla Winches ? I found them on Ebay and the price is considerably cheaper than the Warn's.
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I have a remote control Gorilla 3000# winch and use it often. I duck hunt in flooded rice fields, with the winch under water every time I hunt. I also use the winch to tie my 4 wheeler to my trailor so I use it every time I load and unlaod my 4 wheeler and it has never failed.
i have the gorilla 2500# and when i first got it i tore it apart and packed it full of marine grease. Still works fine even under water!! Only problem is the free spool sticks sometimes so i just power it out.
Yeah I have that problem, it's hard to free spool. Other than that problem free with the winch. Wiring is a different story but it was my fault.
the freespool knob just plain broke off my venom
^^ I have heard of that happening to the Venom winches. I think it's a common problem. Knock on wood, but my Ramsey #3000 is still working. Solenoid froze up on me when it was 16* but took it apart and lubricated, all is well now.

I guess this has nothing to do with your Gorilla question does it

I think you get what you pay for when it comes to winches, just my opinion. I like Warn for the same reason I like Honda.................know what I'm sayin'.
I got one for christmas and have used it several times in and out of water. I have been very satisfied. (I did'nt want to spend alot of money on something i hope i dont have to use anyway)
QUOTE ("SwampDonkey":1m4jkh5g)
(I did'nt want to spend alot of money on something i hope i dont have to use anyway)

What??? I bought one so I could get stuck and use it. You got to go out and get barried and see if it will pull ya out!!
Ok big boy lets see how far your tires get ya! If you never get suck you only play in water puddles!
glad I had the #3000 wireless tonight..................**** beavers .
Don't ya love that wireless!!! I think it's a must have! But you know if we had tires we would not need a winch!
Even with my new tires (lol) I got stuck today. So as it was 15 degrees and i had water to the seat my winch was all froze up. So i tied a strap to my quad and had my buddy pull with his jeep. My quad was sunk in the mud so deep that his jeep couldnt even pull me out. So i messed around with the winch a bit until it started workin and hooked it to his jeep. Started winching and wouldn't you know it, my quad was stuck so deep in the mud that it actually was pulling his jeep backwards into the pond while the brake was set and it was in 1st gear. So he had to hop in his jeep, lock it in four low, and pull while i winched. She slowly but surely came. The winch was runnin a little slow due to all the strain on it but it still managed to pull me all the way out, with all that pressure on it while it was underwater. Not bad for an EBay winch! I'd recommend this winch to anyone!!!!
I didnt say i never get stuck. I just try to let the rest of my machine do the work of gettin me thru the thick stuff and save my winch for pulling out yankees
I see what your saying but I when I'm suck I'm stuck and I don't have a problem getting help getting out. I would rather replace a few winches if it prolongs my foremans life. Yankees huh what year is it?
ya big daddy u said that right if we all had tires... i think im gett 26 executioners on highlifter lite wheels.. so maybe i wont need the warn anymore ya right... u know mee... mud and 4-wheeler and 4 wheel drive = fun, and sometimes stuck... lol
I did not have a winch until I got my tires and when I got my tires I had been stuck in every mud hole at our riding spot. So I had to try them all out after I got my tires and the winch saved my a$$! I would be by myself or just with my wife and her popo is doing good to pull me on flat ground let alone out of a mud hole. I think its fun to winch it out, I just wish it did not take so long.
ya im olny 15 so i do alot or ridin with friends and by my self... and friends have a recon.. a popo.. 450foreman.. 300ex.. etc.. the olny thing beside my winch might pull me out is the foreman.... if that ..... so i had to get a winch.. now im goint to spent money on tires and rims...
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