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Gorilla Winch

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Im going to buy a 3000 Gorilla winch off Ebay and i didn't see any with foreman mount plates, just rubicon. Will a rubicon mount plate fit a '05 2wd foreman? Thanks
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before you buy it, email or call them to request a mount plate for your bike. I not for sure if the plates are different or not.
I just looked on ebay and I see they are charging $45 extra for the plates. They use to come with the winches. I guess they seen where they where able to make extra money by charging for the mounting plates.
I got the Gorilla 3000# one off ebay with a model specific mounting plate for my 2002 foreman and it was completely worthless to use...Luckily I have some awesome fab guys at work and they made me a one piece one that works like a charm... here is a pic of it installed...Like a Dummy I forgot to paint it before i put in on...

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I got one with my gorilla winch and the mount fit snug as a bug in a rug. I payed $141.98 shipping included for my 3000 and it came with a uni mount and the one for my foreman. Now they are $161.98 shipping included, $20 bucks more aint to bad. Mine is wireless, the ones on ebay right now are not.
I just got a 2500 lbs from them. 3 things: The mounting plate I bought from them didn't fit right - I had to do some modifying. 2nd they didn't send me a wiring harness - So I had to wire it myself. 3rd - the plate in the back of the winch that keep the wire against the reel broke off. LOL Other then that it works great. Has gotten me and my buddy's out of some sticky situations. Haven't had a problem with the performance of it.
how long have you had it caveman?? here is a # to call if you have any problems with it...1-763-545-8511 the guys name is Tom....
I had a wireing problem and they fixed me right up for free. Sent me a whole new cable and remote for free. They do take care of you.
i just bought buy 2nd gorilla winch. the 1st one i had pretty much stop working within the 1st 6 months i had it. took it apart and found it rusted and full of mud.
have any of you guys had this problem? i figure you get what you pay for, thats why i'm not to mad but i was hoping it would last for more than 6 months. maybe i got a bad one ?? who knows. thats why i bought another one to see if its quality or if i just had a shitty one. plus the newer ones look different than the one i had bought.
is there any special care i should do to it, to make it last any longer?
i always roll out the line and clean the cable and the spool after each ride.

I like the price. I really have not used mine that much. It works, it's my first so I really don't have anything to compare it to.
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