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gorilla winch?

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i have the 3000# Gorilla and i love far it has not let me down...seems to be identical right down to the looks of a warn but not the price is a pic of it munted and in use towing a crashed ultralight airplane

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wow anybody hurt in the plane, and now that i've been lookin a lil more i'm thinkin about the 3500# venoms
I have the 2500 Venom Winch and I love it, I had to use it again 2 times this weekend at Haspin Acres to pull me out of a couple of mud pits. I would recommend at least a 3000# winch or bigger for the Foremans and Rubicons and such just for the extra power when your in the real thick stuff.
no there was 2 people in it but nobody had just taken off and then cut off so they werent very high...but id say the pucker factor was still very high....
thats why i like stayin on the ground haha, glad no one was hurt
no doubt...i had to drag it out of a little swamp by the house and drag it a half mile back to the hangar...
When I get my bonus check the 30th I'm going to get a Venom 3000 for mine. I'm glad to hear that they are as good as the high dollar ones!!
thats what i wanted to hear! i was looking at a venom, but i had never heard of one, so now i guess ill get it
I'm wondering how hard it would be to synthetic rope on it cause mine is kinked up really bad, even though i pull it tight everytime
I searched for 4 months and had several question forums on here. The consencus was Gorilla and Venom for the money. Good posts from thoes that had them.... Seemed reliable and built well. Good luck
I ordered mine last night, I got the 3000 with wireless remote. I will let everyone know how mine does.
Just bought the #3000 Gorilla and love it...
Where did you find one that came with the wireless remote? In a perfect world I would have the remote and handlebar switch.
I saw it on ebay... It has the rocker switch as well as the wireless remote..
QUOTE ("Rincon 650":1ktq52b8)
I saw it on ebay... It has the rocker switch as well as the wireless remote..
are the gorrila winches water proof
Better be!
Finally got to use my winch today, twice. It works great!
I don't think the gorillas are water proof. I got mine wet yesterday and it started running on its own. I had to hold down the out button to make it stop, all the way back to the truck. Strange thing is that 2 hours before this happened I pulled the winch cable out of the winch , so when it started running it did not hurt anything . I did not just get it wet, I flew through the creek to get the bottom washed off before loading it on the trailor. I think I'm going to make some kind of "thing" lol to keep if from getting so wet.
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