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Gorilla Winch Problem

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I just put a new 3000 # gorilla winch on my 06 foreman. When I was mounting the winch to the plate I noticed that the HOT lead was touching my support bar for my head lights. Has any one else had this problem and how did you fix it? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Do you have the winch mount on right? The first time I had mine on it was like this. I had to beat the back where it bolts on down all the way until it did not touch anymore. It looks like its on when it's touching but it's not down all the way. Even when it's down all the way its very close to the support. I put a peice of insulation plastic stuff and zip tied it down just in case. I'm going to post a pic so you can see.
would turning the motor 90deg. help any?
That's exactley what I did! I unbolted the motor and rotated it 90 degrees.
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Hey Eric...

Forgot to say also, rotate the motor 180 degrees to put your ground against that stabilizer bar. That will put your hot side out of the way of anything. Anyway, just another 2 cent comment......
i did that. I took it apart with the idea of rotating it 90 deg. that wouldnt work due to two bolts in the spot where the new bolts would go. if that makes sense. i did exactly what yall said by rotating it 180 deg and i still get a spark. i guess i will go with the wrapping of the bar and go from there. this should be a problem that gorilla should address. i sent any email to them about it on sunday. thanks for all of your help.
You could try and order a winch mount from AP. I really like mine, here's what it looks like:
If your getting sparks the mount is not on right. The bolt don't make a connection to my bracket we just put that yellow thing in there just in case I ever hit something and bent it. How about taking some pics so we can see what it looks like?
Big Daddy's right. I had the same problem. It was a bear trying to get the thing to sit flush and out of the way. I even had to grind the rear mounting brackets down a bit and hammer the crap out of them to get them seated.
I agree with Big Daddy and Bigcaveman, I had to grind the rear mounting tabs to enable the bracket to set all the way down on the frame. Once you make this happen, the winch terminals will not touch the brace.
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