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Gorilla lift my next mod????

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I am thinking about getting the gorilla lift. I called today and they told me it was really about 7 inches of lift and that the price is $2495 complete with gorilla axles. They said they are real excited about the new gears and that the bike will easily pull 29.5s with the new gears. He said the gears should retail for somewhere around $1000. So there you have it. Sounds like it is time to make the rinny a beast.

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That will be quite the machine, no question there. Very impressive.
That is one mean lookin' Rincon. We saw one
out where we ride. It was HUGE.
Wow...That's Awesome...Do it...Do it

turner cycles has the 10 inch lift for the rinny, but Im not sure if it really gives you 10 inches of lift, you can also get it powdercoated in any color you want. its a little higher than the gorilla lift though ($3000)
Also turner cycles is coming out with a lower gear ratio for the rincon as well. it will only cost $425/ maybe its not as good though?
either works

i say get either the 6 inch gorilla lift or the turner cycles 10 inch lift.....there both just depends on how extreme you want to be with your bike.
gorrila lift

thats sweet very impressive
i wonder if the new gears will work in my new 06 rincon?

if i had the money for the gorilla like i would surly get it
wow that bike is sick
its a monster, man........its pretty expensive, but it is gorrila
ya I know but one shot deal and you get everything right...
Good job digging up a 5 year old + thread.
no problem make you wonder what else is on this site lol
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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