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Gorilla Axles...?

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What do you all think about adding the axles to my bike? I ride mud and water a lot and dont want to risk breaking anything on my bike with the lift. Will these make me 'invincible'?
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i wouldnt invest in them until you break an axle.....
Once i bust one wont it be to late? How would i get home after breaking one?
if you had outlaws or i a tire with a bigger tread i would put them but with 27 589s you should be fine.
yes you will be able to make it back without the axle but you wont have 4 wheel drive
Im planning on adding 27" Outlaws in the next year also. Although im not going bigger than 27"
Your fine even with the 27'' Laws. Honda axles are very strong. The key is not to push them to their limits.

ex. In a whole with lots of ruts turning your wheels back and forth like a mad man with your thumb maxing out the throttle.
Told the local honda place to keep some in stock

I just put the 29.5 outlaws on my 2006 Foreman 500. All I've heard is how I'm gonna tear up my axles. The tires didn't change the angle any of the axle any more than the 27 XTRs i had. The lift changes that angle. I do have the highlifter kit for th foreman and ordered the springs. I didn't put them on yet though.

We'll see tonight what happens and if they're right. I'm like EUROBRO: As long as you're not driving like a mad man, you should be safe.It's full throttle and roots that'll kill ya!

Reguardless, I've got gorilla axles on the way, just in case!

I don't think it's the angle their talking about, I think it could be the the tires are desigend plus the weight of the them, I could be wrong though. Just a thought.
Gorilla Axles

One of the things that can kill the stock axles and that is improved with the gorilla axles is the strength of the upper CV joint. Stock axles can't handle the angle that's put on them with the lift kits. Don't get me wrong: The aggressivness of the tire and the added rolling weight puts their toll on the front end, too. As does mud, water, and a little extra power (usually created with the push of the thumb )
i broke my axle new years ride at mud bug, but the reason i broke it was because i was in a rut and tried to turn around because the trail had trees on both sides and i was to wide to fit. so in the process of turning around i had climb out of the rut with the wheels turned and POW!!! i have 29.5, extreme product lift, 1.5 inch spring spacers, D.G.L., and N.P. Gear Reduction on stock axles. they dont like that to much so now i am running GORILLA's
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