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gorilla axle lift

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does anybody know if it's gonna be irs conversion or solid axle lift i call and they tell me the same thing every time 2-4 weeks
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The only thing that I have heard is that it is going to be something very different, so I don't know if it is an extended swingarm, irs, or maybe a combination of the two, you know like stationary a arms on a swing arm, so that it qualifies as a sra with the ground clearance of an irs.

I havent heard about any liift for it.....but there probaly will be one in the future.
neither have I, but im sure you'll be able to get one very soon.
maybe the old one will work? what do you think?
i heard some about it on the HL site

im shure if you search around someone wil be able to tell you if there is gona be one for it.....but i gaurantee you when they do come out with one,if they do, you will know about it quick because everyone is gona spread it around
i already know gorilla is making one i just don't know what style kit it will be they told me it was all bolt on.
It will be an extended swingarm. I talked with a one of the gorilla engineers about it and all he would tell me is that it would be a bolt on kit and it would retain SRA staus. Price was going to be around $1500. It is cheaper then an IRS bike because you only have to buy to gorilla axles instead of 4.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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