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Gorilla axel lift for foreman!

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I went to thier website today and they showed that there is soon to come a lift for the foreman. I was wondering how they would do it. I mean I can see the front with the a-arms and that, but what about the back. Or will this just be like a 2in lift with some axels. Anyone have any ideas?
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That is a noodle scratcher.
maybe a new longer swingarm for the rear?
I thought about that, but wouldnt you have to have a longer driveshaft?
yeah it would, sure wouldnt be cheap if that was the method!
I talked to gorilla axels today, I sent them a e-mail. Heres what my question was

I was wondering what the lift will be like for the foreman, and will
it fit the new 05 500. I can see how you will lift the front but what
about the back? A swingarm, shocks maby and a drive shaft. And also how much lift will there be front and back. I will appriciate any of these
questions you can answer for me.

And here was there reply
The lift will be a 6" kit with everything you need. The kit will fit
the front and rear of all 450s and 500s. We are keeping the details of
the kit quiet at this time.
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Interesting - thing is probably gonna cost a million dollars though, considering they get over 600 bucks for 2 axles. But if it is somewhat reasonable (under a grand) I would consider it for sure. The only time i ever seem to get stuck is from bottoming out, 6 more inches of height would be nice.
6 more inches would do us all some good .
That would be definately something that I would look at, can you imagine what they would look like. My guess is $2500, but hopefully I am wrong.
QUOTE ("bnjeep":1y5vq0rp)
That would be definately something that I would look at, can you imagine what they would look like. My guess is $2500, but hopefully I am wrong.
I agree, their other big lifts cost that much, why make it any cheaper for all the stuff they have to do. A long swingarm and driveshaft won't be cheap
I saw a picture of a foreman lifted like that somewhere on the www. and they had changed the rear straight axle for a chunk with cv axles converting it to irs. I'll see if I can find it again and post the pic.
Here's the pic but I don't know how they did it.
That just doesn't even look right on a Foreman.
Looks good to me. I just wish I new how they did it.
Interesting. Wonder where that rear end is from?
It looks good, but how does the suspension work? It looks like the rear shocks are not even "hooked" up.
the more I look at it, i think those arms are solid, and that rear end still works like a swing arm.
Yeah they were talking about it on highlifter, the rearend is just welded on solid, I don't think that there is any suspension to it at all, I would like to see someone get that kind of lift out of a sra.
I get it, They made the entire rear a swing arm you can see the shocks under the fenders. It doesnt look very sturdy, I know that im not an engineer but the first big hole you hit and those arms are comming off.
now if they had bent the arms and continued them through the box section and put some plate metal in the middle with lightening holes.
There just isnt enough weld around that tube to make it permanant.
With those arms welded on the rear dif like that. He could qualify to run in the SRA class with that machine. The others with a straight axle wouldn't have a chance.
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