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Gorilla 3000 LBS Winch Mounting

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Hey all I just got a 3000 LBS Gorilla Winch and I was wondering where I should mount the contactor. Does anyone have any suggestions or pictures of where to mount it. Thanks in advance.
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I mount mine in the (hehe) dry tool box, i attach it to the side of the box, and run the wires in from the top of the box with some silly cone so it doesnt leak (hehe) sorry every time i think of that tool box i have to laugh, but seriously i think it is the best place for it.
Gorilla Contactor

I have a buddy that mounted his contactor on the outside of the dry box and that is where the instructions said to mount it. But is the contactor water proof. Should i do anything to it to make it better.

Mine is inside the dry storage too!
id think that after you get it mounted you could take a hand full of grease and slap it on the top of the thing to help yield off some water
they are supposed to be waterproof, I have taken a couple apart that have failed and it was due to water intrusion, best way to keep water out of it, is to keep the water off of it. **** i have even been debating mounting my winch on top of my rack to keep the crap out of it, any one else done this?
I have mine mounted in the dry box as well. If you are taking your ATV swimming, it will get water in there, but basic mud-riding, there won't be a problem. Just run a bead of silicone all around the seams, press it in with your finger, let it dry, do it again, let it dry, and then, for extra security, slap some grease on the top of it to keep the terminals from corroding. You may have problems eventually, as with any electrical device that goes in the water, but you bought the best winch as far as I am concerned!!
Where did you find room for the contactor in the battery box?
QUOTE ("FireMan200":19uw2bb1)
Where did you find room for the contactor in the battery box?
That's what I was wondering. I got mine in really small soft water proof luchbag, ziptied to the rack.
I have mine under the seat. Its mounted horizontally on the back closest to the storage compartment over the solenoids. Will try to get a pic for u soon if not clear where its mounted.
Yeah pictures would be a big help! I was going to wire mine tonight, but i think i will wait to see the pics. Cause i don't like the idea of running all those wires through a hole in the "dry box".

Here's a pic. not too good of quality. taken on a cell phone just because its quicker. ive had mine mounted here about a year & i mostly do creek ridin. just put di-electric grease on all connections.
Thanks for the pic that is great! Did you have to move anything? Like the solenoid (can't spell)?

No prob. No just took the battery hold down brace so it would be easier to put screws in. I could only get 2 bottom screws in, because the ones in top would poke out of plastic at the rear of the seat, u will see when u get it lined up. But like i said earlier, i have had it like that for a year or so, & no problems so far.
Sounds good i think i am going to finish up tomorrow. will post a update then.

Thanks for all the help,
Hey guys thanks for all you help, I got the winch in and it work great!
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