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Well truegrit leesons did wor out for me. I just got the box and not only did i find the hmf pipe i found a uni filter and also 2 jets. I thoguht i was just getting the slipon guess i am lucky. Well i am gonna put it on tonight see how it sounds and feels. Let me know if anyone needs a uni filter because i bought my dad a K&N.
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Congrats, That was why I went with them inthe first place, because the jets and filter came free. It just didn't work out for me.

How much do you want for that Uni?
i didnt even know they came free but i guess who orders next will know.
well i put the pipe on tonight and re jetted my dads carb it runs great want to pull the front end up at a dead stop when u floor it. Guess the big tires will do wonders now.
The big tires and no front diff help alot. Who ever else rides with us is definetly think we are some type of loud biker gang now.
yea i hear ya, all my friends and i have hmfs, 440ex and ds650 have full systems and i have the hmf slip on for my foreman, my cousin has a hot seat performance pipe on his sp400 and man when we hit a gravel road or fast trails, u better have your ear plugs on because its loud, o and the neighbors love us too
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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