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good park if your around the tex/la area

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Welcome to the official Sabine ATV Park website | Sabine ATV Park

just thought id post their site if anyone is ever down this way, its cheap to ride and good fun. check out the pictures
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I've been to a several parks. Burkeville is the best one I've been to.
Looks like only about a hour or so away from me here in Shreveport... soon as I get another ride, hopefully next month, have to make a trip down there...of course, everything will be dried up by then
It'll be a little more than a hour n half probably depending on speed,we been getting enough evening heat showers to keep the creeks full. Hit 100 here today
There's the canal by the river that floods every couple of nights when they are generating the river rises and floods that area and there's always water and super thick mud there. That's also we're I see guys getting stuck really bad and breaking axels so just be careful in that area. You will see what I'm talking about when you go.
The holes are very deceiving if you don't have a snorkel don't go crashing into any thing
The holes are very deceiving...

you've met my ex? :lol:
you've met my ex? :lol:
I might have do u have an upside down picture lol.
oh yea, ive gotta picture on here of me stuck in the canal. Thats whats nice about them generating off the lake it ensures mud to be somewhere
whether your snorkeled or not some of those holes will get you sometimes.
well just got back from there, camped since friday morning. Had plenty of fun even found some trails i didnt know existed which took me FOREVER to find the end. Even watched a can am take a ride on the river that got deeper than he expected
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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