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Good deal or not?

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I am looking at buying a 2001 Rubicon from a private party and wondering if you guys think this is a decent deal. The machine is in very good condition overall (usual scratches on plastics and paint chips on frame). It has 5k miles on chassy and about 500 miles since top end was gone through. The front and rear diff's as well as rear axle have been replaced and it has had a recent brake job. The machine runs and drives very well and is very tight all around . The only thing that concerns me are the high miles on the bottom end and transmission.
Aftermarket items include grip and thumb warmers, lift kit, Warn 2.5 winch, Warn242 selector and 2 extra backwater tires.
Asking price $3300.00

Thanks ahead of time for any input or concerns
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For not much more you could have an '06 Foreman

I also would have the same concerns.

OH and Welcome
As far as a "little more" I really don't see it, right now they are right around $6700. out the door in MN.

5000mi is a lot of miles but I think it depends on how it was used.

Take a good look at everything and if it drives right I would be inclined to say go for it. Worst case scenerio with tranny is that she pukes.......~$1500. Find out what bottom buck is and try to drop him a little more
That is a bunch of miles..Plus you could find a newer one with less miles for less than 3800 if you look hard enough..I bought my 03 rubicon for 3600 and it only had 600 miles on it when I got it.
if it was me, i prolly wouldnt do it. but thats just my opinion. i think if you looked better you find alot newer bike and with less miles
I bought my '04 Ruby with 380 miles for $3600. I would keep looking.
i traded my 03 rubicon on for $2500 and it had 5000 miles on it. the brakes didnt work, the seat was cracked, plastic cracked, rear diff made a popping sound. just look it over really good and everything. i bet you could get them down a little.
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